About Me

My name is Sally and I am the woman behind Queen Bee Crafts. I started this journey around the kitchen table and have grown it into what you see today. After becoming a mum and having 3 baby boys in the space of 3 years I felt like I had lost a big part of my identity. My mental health started to decline rapidly and I lost a sense of self worth, so after seeking advice I tried to focus on something that made me happy and that was Crafting.

Crafting helps me relax and switch off from every day life which can sometimes be very busy and overwhelming. It is important to take the time when you can and do something you like for a change. This started me thinking on how I could also help other people who may have been feeling the same way as me. That is why I started to run classes locally, to give people the opportunity to join in a creative class and ‘switch off’ for a few hours or just get out and meet other people who shared the same interests.

If I can help people do this then I will be one happy lady.


Me and my boys in 2017. Elijah was 3years old, Oliver was 2years old and Finley was 8months old.