My First Youtube Video

I have uploaded my first ever YouTube video, eeeeeek! For me this is a pretty big deal, if you know me then you will know that I am a bit of a Tech-na-phob (yes that’s a word I made up!).

I can’t say it was an easy process because it wasn’t, filming, editing, uploading. It all takes time and patience for sure, but this hasn’t put me off making some more. So I have created my very own YouTube Channel with the hope of being able to share even more creations regularly.

The video is a tutorial on how to make the card pictured below. It was a card that I made during my team Zoom meeting, we were challenged to make a card using 3 of the new Stampin’ Up! in colours.

I enjoyed making the card and had good feedback from the team so I thought it would be a good opportunity to bite the bullet and make it my first ever YouTube upload. It may not be the slickest of videos but I hope its good enough for someone else to replicate the card if they like it.

So here is the link for you to go and take a look 

I would really welcome any feedback on this video and any advice going forward for future videos. So please leave a comment on the video and subscribe to my channel to watch more. Or leave a comment on this post if you like.

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